i’ve been shopping for years and i still have nothing to wear. 

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We Came As Romans - To Move On Is To Grow
My baby. The little guy that helped me and my family so much has passed away! He was with us 1 year and 9 months, and that time went by too fast. I’m going to miss my baby soooooo much.
Thank you Pote for helping me and my family. Without you, our family would have been torn. Thank you for making a huge impact on each and everyone of us. I’ll always love you, and you’ll always have a special place in my heart!
Losing a pet is extremely difficult. Whether it’s a cat, a dog, a hamster; whether it lasts 2 years or 12 years of age it will ALWAYS be painful. 😩💔.
Without a doubt, he changed my life in good ways & I’ll always be thankful for that. I’m going to miss him so much. The good thing is that he is no longer suffering and is in a better place. He is now running on the big hamster wheel in heaven and eating all the carrots and peanut butter he wants!
I love you Pote. Rest in Peace my little angel! 😘🐹💖👼………😩😭😢💔.


if halloween to new years isnt ur fave time of the year get out

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I interrupt my frequent unhappy rants about my low self esteem, panic-inducing lifestyle and all the ways fandom craps on itself to bring you ducklings in dresses made of cupcake papers. Ok. You need this. Shut up and accept that you need this.

36 pictures, photos and videos of Alesana, Megosh, The Funeral Portrait, The Things They Carried, From The Depths at Webster Hall - New York, NY on September 27, 2014 http://www.crowdalbum.com/album/54266eaf992cc69b06000063/Alesana—Megosh—The-Funeral-Portrait—The-Things-They-Carried—From-The-Depths_20140927